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A review of the Brad Mehldau trio performance for Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Love this quote: His touch is remarkable, and in terms of emotional inspiration, no pianist seems to exhibit such a wide range of feeling as Brad Mehldau does.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly!

So is Jorge Rossy gone for good? There was an article written in Spanish a while back that seemed to say he was going to be doing his own thing as a pianist, but since I can't read spanish and the Google translation made no sense, I'm not sure if that's permanent or temporary. But if Jeff Ballard is a good fit then it won't be so bad to be Jorge-less, although it won't be the same.

And didn't Mehldau have a saxman or trumpeter (sorry, I can't recall which) play with them during their run at the Village Vanguard last year? Hmmm, next album might be a bit of a different experience. Or the next after next, since there's still that yet-to-be-released second album of Mehldau tunes recorded during the same sessions that produced Anything Goes.
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