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Brad Mehldau Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Brad Mehldau Fans

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House on Hill [26 May 2006|08:55am]

I just joined this LJ group. I've been a Mehldau fan for about five years. It looks like things haven't been updated here in a while, but I wanted to let you know that Brad's got a new trio album (with Jorge Rossy and Larry Grenadier) coming out on June 27 called House on Hill and I have a promo copy of it (I work part-time at Borders). I'm listening to it right now! It's very good. I think it may be all original numbers, because I don't recognize any of the song titles as covers. Here's the track list:

1. August Ending
2. House On Hill
3. Bealtine
4. Boomer
5. Backyard
6. Fear And Trembling
7. Embers
8. Happy Tune
9. Waiting For Eden
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AAJ Review of Day is Done [10 Jan 2006|03:42pm]

Here's a wonderful review of the BMT's latest:

"Brad Mehldau has begun the transformation from musician of merit to icon."
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Brad Mehldau on BBC3 [01 Nov 2005|04:31pm]

Jazz Line up programme
Broadcast Date:
Sat 5 Nov
16:00 - 17:00
BBC Radio 3

Looks like you can listen to it for the week after broadcast too.
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NPR Creators at Carnegie [06 Sep 2005|06:27pm]

Lookie here, boys and girls, NPR has some Brad Mehldau goodness on their site. Specifically, excerpts from the Carnegie Hall concert with Renee Fleming. I haven't listened to it yet coz my cat freaked out when she heard Ms. Fleming's voice-- she no likey-- but it should be good.

Also, if anyone reading this has got an advance copy of the new BMT album, hook me up, yo. I've got mine pre-ordered but Sept. 27 is not soon enough.
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New album out Sept. 27th! [25 Aug 2005|10:04pm]

From http://www.billboard.com/bb/daily/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001021898

On the heels of a live solo disc last year, pianist Brad Mehldau returns to a group setting on "Day Is Done," due Sept. 27 via Nonesuch. The 10-track set finds the artist backed by bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard and features interpretations of Radiohead's "Knives Out," Nick Drake's "Day Is Done" and the Beatles chestnuts "She's Leaving Home" and "Martha My Dear."

Rounding out the album is the Nat King Cole-popularized "No Moon at All," a cover of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" and the Mehldau originals "Turtle Town" and "Artis."

"Day Is Done" follows the pianist's Nonesuch debut, "Live in Tokyo," which debuted at No. 11 on Billboard's Top Jazz Albums chart. Look for the trio on tour this fall, highlighted by a Nov. 22-27 stand at New York's Village Vanguard.
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[16 May 2005|04:00am]

I was able to watch the concert at Zankel Hall! Due to my persistence, I waited around for cancellations and thankfully there were a few. No need for scalpers there. You're right, he is so amazing performing live.
A longer post on my experience of watching Brad Mehldau for the first time, is on my own blog.
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Sold Out! [02 May 2005|10:21pm]

Hi! I come from Manila, but I am on vacation in New York right now. Obviously, I'm a Brad Mehldau fan, or else I wouldn't join this community. I just discovered him through the movie, My Wife is an Actress. I was really looking forward to watching his performance at Zankel Hall, but sadly the tickets weren't available online. When I went to the box office today, I was unfortunately greeted by the above mentioned subject. Waaaaahhh!

This will probably be the nearest I will get to seeing him perform live, as I doubt he will tour in the Philippines anytime in the near future.

Just wanted to share...

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Updates at BM's website [26 Apr 2005|11:36pm]

There's something for the ears: Brad performing "Think of One" solo.

And something for the eyes: Brad gives more details on the Renée Fleming project and the new BMT beater (I like that word better than drummer).
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Another review of a BMT/Scofield concert [26 Apr 2005|12:42am]


Uh-oh, more Bill Evans comparisons. But the reviewer did like the Brad and his "intensely cerebral and acoustically mellow" sound.
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Speaking with Brad [22 Apr 2005|07:09pm]

Three Questions with Brad Mehldau

They need to talk to him more! Clearly the man is opinionated and likes to let us know (see: his liner notes). Incidentally, this is my fav BM interview, from 2002. So much insight!
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[11 Apr 2005|04:11pm]

Because I love reading about brilliant performance after brilliant performance, and I figured I might not be alone in this, here's what the Philadelphia Inquirer had to say about the BMT last Friday night:

Brad Mehldau's trio had a stronger motor. This elegant ensemble with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard would get into a groove so deep that everyone seemed to be soloing at the same time. Far from cluttering up the sound, their collective intelligence pushed them higher.

Mehldau seemed obsessed with minor-keyed melodies, such as Nick Drake's "Day Is Done," which grew here into a profound vibe. The group gave "More Than You Know" the kind of ballad treatment that a still-smoky Philly bar demands.

Mehldau delivered a masterful "All the Things You Are," in which snippets of the chords came through at first, but the full melody was not revealed until the end.

Mehldau and mates reshaped songs so strongly that the gravitational pull of the original seemed to shift to the players - a rare feat for improvisers.

Dude was not feeling John Scofield's trio, the other act on the bill that night. Heh.

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Review [16 Mar 2005|05:33pm]

A review of the Brad Mehldau trio performance for Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Love this quote: His touch is remarkable, and in terms of emotional inspiration, no pianist seems to exhibit such a wide range of feeling as Brad Mehldau does.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly!

So is Jorge Rossy gone for good? There was an article written in Spanish a while back that seemed to say he was going to be doing his own thing as a pianist, but since I can't read spanish and the Google translation made no sense, I'm not sure if that's permanent or temporary. But if Jeff Ballard is a good fit then it won't be so bad to be Jorge-less, although it won't be the same.

And didn't Mehldau have a saxman or trumpeter (sorry, I can't recall which) play with them during their run at the Village Vanguard last year? Hmmm, next album might be a bit of a different experience. Or the next after next, since there's still that yet-to-be-released second album of Mehldau tunes recorded during the same sessions that produced Anything Goes.
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*dusts off with a new member!* [13 Mar 2005|08:13pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello one and all. I'm Shelby, and not only am I a community junkie...but I've stumbled across my love for Brad Mehldau. I'm not quite a hardcore fan yet...but it will happen!

Just thought I'd say hi!

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Some info on the Renée Fleming/Brad Mehldau project [13 Feb 2005|07:03pm]

On May 15 in New York's Zankel Hall, [Renée Fleming] will perform a new work, commissioned by Carnegie Hall, of musical settings of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Louise Bogan, among others. The composer, ironically, is Brad Mehldau, a well-known jazz pianist. But "these are art songs," Fleming emphasizes, and "totally classical." For this concert, she says, Mr. Mehldau "has crossed over to my world."

The full article can be found here, though the above quote is the only "relevant" part.

Yes, I know Mehldau fans are probably aware of this already, as he's mentioned this project in the past, but I haven't really posted anything here, and it does have some new info, so... yeah. Exciting, though, isn't it?
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Academic Paper on the Brad [26 Dec 2004|08:48pm]

Don't know how long this has been up on his website, but I never noticed it before. Yes, a paper by Kirsten MacKenzie on the 'classical' influence in Mehldau's music. Nothing that would come as a surprise to anyone who's a fan, but it's nice to have someone tackle the subject in a scholarly fashion.
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